Navel Problem After Tummy Tuck Surgery

I had a tummy tuck in March of 2007 I was happy with the results except for one thing my navel was so small that it didn't look normal. I went back to the doctor and he gave me shots of steroids in the navel and told me to try to stretch the hole bigger by putting beads in it well I tried it and it got real red, sore and puss started to get in it. He told me to stop and let it heal so I did and now I have no hole at all. Went back and he gave me more shots of steroids and told me to massage it and try to get it to sink in some. I'm doing that but it is so sore and black and blue it hurts to touch it. What can I do? I want my navel back can anything be done for it. Sorry so long I sure hope some one can tell me what to do. Thanks in advance!

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Umbilical revision

Constriction of the umbilicus whether from infection or other sources, can be revised.  I would talk to you doctor about that and see what he can do.

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Navel problem after tummy tuck surgery

Dear Aileen,

There are MANY ways to re-create the umbilicus (ie UMBILICOPLASTY) during a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) procedure. A known complication is a tight, slit-like new umbilicus. Distending it in the healing stages is a tried and true way to prevent scar contracture,

I totally agree with my colleague, Dr. Di Saia that smoking is a major impediment and block to the proper healing after these procedures.

At this point, over two and a half years out, the tissues should be healed and the result stable. You may benefit from an umbilical reconstruction. The procedure can be done well by the vast majority of American Society of Plastic Surgeons members.

Good Luck.

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You might try a Tummy Tuck revision


A "scarred in" Umbilicus [belly button] like you describe can sometimes be revised to make it larger but it doesn't always work.

Do you smoke? This makes healing more dicey. There are also some technical issues relating to how your surgery was originally performed.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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