Is a tummy tuck my only option? (photos)

Is a tummy tuck my only solution. I had a semi amazing body before pregnancy and now I am so insecure about my stomach. I wasn't able to return to work cause my uniform is a crop top which has seriously affected my income. Any advice is welcomed.

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Still amazaing body but would benefit from tummy tuck.

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I agree with the other comments.  You need skin removed, and that can only be done with surgery.  I am in Austin, TX only about 1hr 15min away.  Check out my website and give me a call.  I used to be at Scott & White and cared for many women in that part of Texas.  Take care.

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Is a tummy tuck my only option?

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You may hear of alternatives such as laser liposuction or various machines that will tighten the skin, but please do not waste your money on any of these as it is not possible to get the degree of skin damage you currently have corrected by anything other than a full tummytuck. And don't even do that until after you have finished having babies.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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What to do about sad tummy afte baby

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"Is tummy tuck my only solution?"  First of all, NO!  It is always important to understand that elective cosmetic surgery is always just that- elective.  There are always risks, including the risk that you will be less happy after surgery, and even worse risks, so remember, it is a choice to have a tt.  In fact you must want a tummy tuck more that you want to live like you are right now.

That said, it looks like you had a C-section (from photo).  Again, from the pics. it looks like you may have an umbilical hernia.  You have stretch marks and lax skin, and lax abdominal strength tissue extending above the navel.  You do not have a lot of fat, and overall, you are in excellent physical condition and have a beautiful figure.

The conundrum is that you look great, and you have a great figure, but to get you where you will be happy, you will need a big operation with a big scar.  You have a lot of pigment in your skin which will tend to leave a dark scar.  Those are all negatives, however, I see no other way to get you the results that you want.

So you need to make a choice.

One thing I can tell you is that most people are delighted with the result, but you must choose a qualified board certified plastic surgeon.

Is a tummy tuck the only option?

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Thank you for your questions and for your photographs. From the close-up shot it appears as though you have a lot of loose skin both above and below the belly button. It has been my experience in this situation that full tummy tuck does the best job of removing most of the loose skin. In order to be certain of your decision you'll have to see a board-certified plastic surgeon and have a pinch test. The surgeon will grab on the tissue and see how much laxity you have. He or she could then guide you to either a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck. Unfortunately there is really no technology that is good enough yet to help tighten the skin without surgery.

I hope this helps.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck would give you the best results

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The best option for you would be tummy tuck. The incision can be placed low. Liposuction will not help. 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck is your only option.

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You are in great shape, but you have excess skin, stretch marks, and abdominal wall weakness. The only procedure that can fix all of these is a tummy tuck.The scar would lay low, so you can easily hide it behind underwear or bikini.

Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy

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Dear Sabrina,

Your photos suggest that you are a very attractive young woman with loose tummy skin after pregnancy.

The only way to remove the excess skin and achieve a washboard look is a tummy tuck. The tradeoff is a bikini-line scar that can generally be hidden under most swimsuits.

Unfortunately, diet and exercise will not work. Liposuction will also not work. Nonsurgical skin tightening treatments (eg. using radiofrequency or ultrasound energy) are also unlikely to work and typically produce very modest results with 0-20% improvement. For some patients, these modest results are better than no results. Be wary of anyone offering a miracle non-surgical skin tightening treatment. 

Please see an experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs the full range of body contouring procedures including nonsurgical skin tightening, liposuction, and tummy tucks for an evaluation.

Warmest wishes,
Larry Fan, MD

Larry Fan, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon


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Hi Sabrinahurd. Unfortunately I believe the only way to get rid if your crepe type skin is to do a full tt. The scar can generally be placed where you desire.

Peter Fisher, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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After Pregnancy Tummy Tuck

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After reviewing your photos it appears that you have looseness of you lower abdominal skin and stretch marks. It's also likely that you have a gap in your abdominal six pack muscles. You would likely have a much improved abdomen with a tummy tuck to get rid of the excess skin and most of the lower stretch marks and to tighten the muscles of your abdomen to give you an enhanced hour glass figure. Other techniques will likely fall short. 
I wish you well. 
Gaurav Bharti

Gaurav Bharti, MD, FACS
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Is a tummy tuck my only option?

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Thank you for your question! I agree with a lot of the other comments below. It appears that you have some skin laxity but the determination of whether you would be a good candidate would require an in person physical exam. Best of luck!

Warren Schutte, MD
Fort Collins Plastic Surgeon
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