Can I Get a Tummy Tuck if I'm on Methadone Maintenance?

i am on 115 mgs of methadone daily, under a doctors supervision, can i undergo a tummy tuck safely?

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Tummy tuck while on Methadone

The issue here will be intra-operative narcotic managment as well as post-operative pain management. I would discuss ths with your prescribing physician and ask about his/her comfort level in managing your medications perio-operatively because it is likely that your surgeon is not familar with this.

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Tummy tuck while on Methadone

If you're considering a tummy tuck and you are currently on methadone maintenance, there are a number of solutions for your dilemma. Firstly, many surgeons including myself utilize pain pumps post-surgery to curtail or minimize the need for opiate pain medications.  This should provide you with adequate pain control in the early post-operative period. If you are a serious risk for opiate abuse, I would consider having you consult with a pain management specialist prior to the procedure and have them manage your pain control in the peri-operative period. This will afford you the best chance of having a good surgical experience while minimizing any untoward risks of opiate abuse.

Best of luck.

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