Having Tummy Tuck. I Have Mesh on Top of Rectus Muscle Not Underneath

Im am worried about infection on the mesh I have. Its on top of my abs and I had the surgery in 1998. Im worried this mesh will get infected. What are the chances of that? Also I live in an apartment that has only stairs leading up to the second floor. Will I be able to walk up those stairs after abdominoplasty or will it hurt the surgical repair? I have no where else to go sadly. Could someone please answer. Thank You. Mark

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Fear of mesh becoming infected from future TT

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The mesh you had sewn in place back in 1998 should be well incorporated into your fascia by now. In other words, new healthy tissue will have grown into it decreasing the chances of  it becoming infected. That being said, infection as with any other surgical procedure, is always a possible risk. I honestly think your chances are very slim. Walking up and down stairs after a TT should not hurt the surgical repair. It will be painful, but certainly not harmful to you. Just make sure you take your time and hold on to the banister.

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