Thicker Tummy Tuck Scar After Lump Removal?

If lump/hematoma after Tummy Tuck is removed by surgery and she goes back in through the original incision, will the scar be thicker? Right now it is healing nicely. The hematoma is in my upper abdominals, under the rib cage. The actual lump is on the upper right side. The left side is still swollen and collecting small amounts of fluid. Still "loose". Would it be better to do incision under breasts(reverse abdominoplasty) to pull up skin of upper abdomen when removing lump/hematoma? Any other possibilities?

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Use the same Tummy Tuck incision

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If conservative treatment like massage, aspiration and compression fails, the treatment is to explore through the original incision. This will give a much better exposure and will minimize the incision as well. Best of luck!

Going in through the original incision is the right thing to do

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An incision under the breasts would be a mistake. One of the nice things about tummy tuck surgery is a scar that is hidden in the bathing suit or underwear. To create another scar in order to drain a hematoma that can be handled from the original incisions would be a mistake and leave a prominent scar. You may have a slightly hardened scar when going through it for a second time, but it usually softens up very nicely over time.

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