How Much Will I Lose After Tummy Tuck?

I will be having Tummy Tuck on next Friday. I'm 80 kilos and 157cm. How much size I will lose and is it dangerous?

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Weight Loss with Tummy Tuck

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Totally agree with Dr. Placik's comments.

The amount of tummy skin and fat removed depends completely on each patients abdominal wall looseness. The average amount we remove is around 2.5 Kg BUT this has varied from 1.8 Kg to as much as 11-14 Kg on very large weight loss patients undergoing a lower body lift.

The dangers of abdominoplasty depend on your general state of health, the duration of surgery and your state of hydration. Obviously, the longer the surgery lasts the colder the patient may become, the more fluid shifts may occur and the higher the likelihood of blood clot formation in the legs and pelvis which may migrate to the lungs.

That being said, the rate of complications is sufficiently low to make this operation one of the commonest procedures we do.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Ask surgeon to estimate weight of resected panniculus.

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There is no way to tell from these measurements. Your best bet is to ask your surgeon.

In my experience the average healthy individual undergoing a tummy tuck has approximately a 2kg specimen removed but this has ranged from 0.25 - 12kg.

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