Wearing Girdle After Tummy Tuck and Other Surgeries

I had a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction 20 days ago. I also had a Breast lift with Augmentation 4 days ago. How long should I wear the girdle? What difference does it make?

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Support is beneficial after tummy tuck

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The use of binders after tummy tuck and the purpose has come up several times recently. Most find them very helpful in assisting with recovery. The binder or girdle placed after tummy tuck supports the muscle repair, and provides gentle pressure to reduce swelling and the potential for fluid to collect, called a seroma. The support from the binder will help you get up and on your feet faster and improve your recovery.

Generally our patients wear the binder for about two weeks, and then transition to a Spanx (the higher power) which fits well under clothing for an additional two weeks. You may find that you like the way the Spanx feels and wear it a bit longer. Remember that all the girdle is meant to do is provide support, comfort, and help you recover faster. When you feel through with it, get into regular clothing.

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2-4 weeks on the girdle

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A girdle is helpful for 2-4 weeks after a tummy tuck.  It provides support and security and compression to assist in the healing.  It doesn't provide shaping of the final result.  Work with your doctor and follow their instructions.  Good luck with your recovery!

I recommend a gentle binder for up to 2 weeks

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If you are referring to your tummy tuck, a girdle at this point may make you feel a little more supported which is fine but I release my patients to exercise at 6 weeks after tummy tuck as long as they are healing appropiately. After awhile you want to start counting on your abdominal muscles for support so a gidle could be a little counter-productive after 4-6 weeks. Remember, follow your plastic surgeon's advice and guidelines. Take care.

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