Tummy Tuck and Liposuction on Someone with Beta Thalassimia Minor?

I have Beta Thalassimia Minor and I'm considerering Tummy Tuck and Liposuction. Would this be a problem?

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Beta Thalassimia Minor should not be a problem to procede with surgery

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I would agree with Dr. Lentz. With good pre and post op mangement, you do not have any greater risk for significant bleeding. You also do not have an increased risk of clotting. Make sure your Plastic Surgeon coordinates your care between the Medicine and hematology physicians.

Good Luck!

With good peri operative care, this should be a safe procedure.

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While Thalassimia Minor does carry some risk of anemia, this is usually a minor problem. I just recently performed a tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation, and extensive liposuction on a woman with Thaassimia Minor with out any problems. She did very well and did not even require a blood transfusion.

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