Pre-op tummy tuck and am worried about a blood clot. Should I request a blood thinner after surgery? (photo)

I am getting a tummy tuck and my left ovary removed on Monday Dec. 16th and I am extremely worried about developing a blood clot. I am a healthy 32 year old woman with a good BMI and have no history or family history of blood clots. I will be sure to move around after surgery. Should I request a blood thinner after surgery to ease my fears?

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Tummy Tuck and risk of Blood Clot

We use the Caprini VTE Risk Assessment score to determine whether someone should get blood thinning medications in my operating room. I've provided a link to our society's web site talking about it. Things like birth control pills, smoking, history of blood clots, length of surgery and age all factor in to the assessment. Last year I published my own experience with risk of VTE (venous thromboembolic Events) with abdominoplasty in Aesthetic Surgery Journal called "Safety in office based full abdominoplasty." In that study we looked at 319 consecutive abdominoplasties with zero blood clot complications. So if you are relatively young and healthy your risk is very low of getting a clot. 

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Blood thinners and tummy tucks

I typically give all my tummy tuck patients a 40mg dose of Lovenox after surgery. This is a 24 hour dose and gives you time to get home and then start moving around the next day. I think with a healthy patient and no history of clotting problems this is all I
would recommend. Good luck!

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Blood clot

Thank you for your question.

A blood clots are more common with longer surgeries, how ever precautions have to be taken and you should talk to your surgeon for best advice.

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Blood thinner should not be necessary

Best of luck with your surgery. Blood clots are more common with prolonged surgical time, large volume liposuction accompanying the tummy tuck and if you have a history of blood clots. Sounds like you are motivated to be up and around and I would not place you on blood thinners. Best of Luck!

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Blood clots and surgery

you ask a terrific question and it's good to be aware of the risk of blood clotting and surgery.

While each surgeon has his or her preferred method for clot protection - there are some guidelines followed by the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and ask what measures best address your risk profile.

Good luck

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Tummy tuck and Blood Thinners.

Greetings FreakedOutMomma,

Patients with medical/surgical issues that put them at a higher risk for clotting and deep vein thrombosis should be placed on low dose anticoagulants. Leg compression devices are commonly used in surgery, as well. 

Discuss this directly with your surgeons (OB-GYN and Plastic) and see if they have concerns about your risk for deep vein thrombosis. Your medical and prior surgical history, as well as operative time and extent of surgery all contribute to the decision to use blood thinners.

Below is a Thrombosis Risk Factor Assessment form.  We refer to this type of scoring form in our practice to help us assess the need for deep vein thrombosis prevention measures.

Take a look at your score........

Wishing you a safe and satisfying surgical experience.

Best Regards,

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