Large Mons Pubis 5 Years After Tummy Tuck

I had a Tummy Tuck 5 years ago and now, my mons pubic area is larger than ever since the surgery. I can't wear tight clothes, I can't wear jeans without wearing a shirt over it. I am considering surgery to correct this. Any advice on what is better for me?

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Large mons pubis years after a tummy tuck

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The fat of the mons pubis has a tendency to swell independently of the surround area in some people. This can be reduced with either liposuction or a surgical mons lift. The deciding factor is usually the amount of sagging in the mons. A consultation or photos are required to figure out which would be better.

Tummy Tuck and Pubic Area?

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Thank you for the question.

For many patients undergoing tummy tuck surgery the pubic area may be an area of concern. This area may be large ( prominent) , ptotic (low), or deflated.  Therefore, I think it is important to address the pubic area when performing the tummy tuck surgery.

When planning the tummy tuck incision it is possible to keep the incision  low enough that it serves to “raise” the pubic area to some degree.  I like to plan this incision when patients are wearing the “cut” of swimming suit that they plan to wear after the surgery.

During the  tummy talk procedure the pubic area may then be “lifted” and/or defatted ( either directly or with liposuction) as  the specific patient's needs indicate.  Care is taken to avoid over thinning  the area since some coverage of the pubic area is important (for example for padding during intercourse).
I hope this helps.

Maybe more than one thing happening!

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A tummy tuck does NOT deal with this location. Your surgery may have removed the primary "storage" area for extra calorie storage = your stomach area. So now, if you add calories, it has to go somewhere. For you, it may this location.

Liposuction is very effective to reduce fullness in this location.

Mons Reduction

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This is a common complaint if the mons area is not addressed at the time of the tummy tuck. The way to correct this witha combination of liposuction and direct excision of the skin and fat. This can be done using the central portion of the existing tummy tuck incision. This procedure is called a monsplasty.

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