Tummy Tuck Incision Popping

I'm almost 5 weeks post-op and everything has been going just as it should. I started feeling much better between weeks 3 and 4. Today I was trying to get my too tight compression garment off and as I was wiggling out of it, I popped open my incision in one spot. It's not awful, but almost like a small hole and it kind of hurts/burns. Should I be concerned/contact my doctor? I put gauze with bacitracin on it in the meantime. Thanks :)

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Post op problem after abdominoplasty

Please contact your surgeon. They should be made aware if any problems you might be having. Keep the area clean and applying antibiotic ointment and gauze is appropriate and should be changed daily or more frequently if necessary due to drainage. Your surgeon will give you further instructions.

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