Tummy Tuck Incision Placement

Repost with more info... This surgery was done by a board certified plastic surgeon who was recommended to me. I am 10 wks post op. My recovery has been difficult as I had internal bleeding and was admitted to the hospital 6 days post op where I required a 2 unit blood trans and a 2nd surgery. Overall, I'm comfortable with the tightness of my abdomen, but not my scar placement. Can I expect my scar to fade enough that I can be comfortable in a bikini? and Can my scar be lowered?

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Tummy Tuck Incision?

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Thank you for the update.

As I mentioned previously, you can expect your scar to  fade to some degree.  Unfortunately, it will likely still be visible in a bikini.   Revisionary surgery to lower the scar may be helpful depending on the existing tissue laxity that is present approximate one year after the tummy tuck surgery. This will be best determined by direct examination at that time.

I hope this helps.


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