Combining Tummy Tuck and Hysterectomy Possible?

I need to get my uterus out. I was wondering if I could have a Tummy Tuck at the same time?

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Tummy Tuck with Hysterectomy

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Depending on the reason for the hysterecvtomy as well as coordiantion between the plastic usrgeon and the gynecologist, there is no reason why the two procedures cannot be combined. The risks are only slightly more, but then again having another anesthesia at a later date reintroduces the same risks. Also, if your insurance covers the hysterectomy as well as a day or two in the hospital, then there should be a cost saving to you by combining the two. This can all be verified by you or your doctor in concert with the hospital. many hospitals have "cosmetic surgery packages" which help to reduce the costs as well.

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Tummy tuck and hysterectomy

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If your hysterectomy is being done for benign reasons (ie. bleeding, fibroids) then a it can be combined wtih a tummy tuck. This is a very common request that can be accomodated with a combined procedure between your gynecologist and plastic surgeon. This will save you money and also save on recovery. Keep in mind, that there is a slightly increased risk for complications if they are combined, so be sure to discuss this with your surgeons in detail. As most plastic surgeons will tell you...any pain you feel afterwards is because of the hysterectomy :)

It is possible but I wouldn't recommend it.

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Getting a tummy tuck at the time of a hysterectomy can increase the surgical risks including infection and blood clots a little. Financially, it would seem like it should be less expensive as the patient will "already be under". In reality, for many of us it is much more expensive combining the procedures. In my practice a tummy tuck is generally done in the office operating room with deep sedation. To do the procedure at the hospital at the time of the hysterectomy would add approximately $5000 to the cost for the patient.

The real advantage is the ability to have one recovery period.

York Jay Yates, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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