Tummy Tuck with 2 Hernia Repairs

Hello, I'm a mother of four who went to a PS to discuss a breast augmentation. At the apt he expressed concern that he believed I have 2 hernias in my tummy and suggested I do a full TT with hernia repair. I am now 2 weeks post op from the breast surgery and didn't want to have both done at once. So my question is how do I know for sure that he is right about me having 2 hernias and is a PS the right choice to fix them and how long should I wait between surgeries? Thanks for your time!

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Tummy Tuck for hernia repair

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It is very common to need a hernia repair after having children and is often performed in combination with a tummy tuck. If you recently had a breast augmentation then I would wait at least 6 weeks and would certainly suggest having your hernia repaired with a tummy tuck. Make sure you seek a board certified plastic surgeon to perform the surgery.

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