Small Gap Above Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

My doctor didn't give me instructions to remove the small pieces of tape over the areas where the Tummy Tuck sutures were. Now they are peeling away by themselves. I've noticed that a piece of tape at the top of my belly button wound has revealed a small gap. It is clean and there is no discharge, but I am concerned this may lead to poor healing or be a result of previous keyhole surgery for gall bladder removal. My doctor does not want to know about it! I dont know if I should be concerned or leave it alone?

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What to do for gap in Tummy Tuck wound


Your plastic surgeon doesn't want to know about your wound problem? I hope you are kidding or there is a miscommunication here. You are his patient are you not?

Different surgeons differ regarding their opinions on post-operative wound management. We tend to do the surgery differently and manage the wound relative to that technique. You really need your doctor to tell you what he wants you to do with this.

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Small gap or opening in the belly button after a tummy tuck

My general rule (my opinion only) is to keep the wounds covered with tape if they remain closed during the healing process.

If the wounds open or drain, I leave the tape off until the wounds are closed at which point I resume taping.

Gaps around the belly button are extremely common and there are no definitive solutions to prevent hypertrophic scarring. Use of silicone gel products or even steroid injections may be required at a later date.

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