Tummy Tuck and Fat Grafting to Butt

Hello ive had two pregnancies and being thin at the time it made my stinach to protrude. I had a hernia repair with mesh but my stomach still protrudes I seeked out a plastic surgeon who suggested a abdominoplasty which I would like to do.but is this get rid of the bulging stomach and tighten my stomach mucles back together.and I would also like to know will the fat from the stomach area be able to use as well as the flabe able to use in fat grafting for my butt

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Tummy Tuck and Fat Grafting to the Buttock

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Tummy tuck and fat grafting to the buttock is a very common procedure. During an abdominoplasty, usually liposuction is preformed in the abdomen area and around the waist line. The fat that is aspirated is usually discarded, but this fat can actually be processed. The liquid portion can be separated, and injected into the buttocks. It can augment the buttocks and the hips with great success; does not increase length of recovery period.

Tummy tuck with fat grafty

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This is not easy.Yes the fat can be used to buildup your buttock.How much of your bulging abdomen will be flattened is debatable.since you had a hernia before this would be difficult.I also would talk to your general surgeon as well and maybe he and the plastic surgeon can work together. 

Buttocks Augmentation and fat grafting

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A Brazilian butt lift relies on Liposuction of your stomach to harvest fat  for a successful buttocks augmentation. In the hands of a properly trained board certified plastic surgeon, it is now considered the safest and most successful procedure for augmenting the buttock . You must first make sure that your hernia is properly repaired prior to becoming a good candidate for a tummy tuck and fat grafting into your buttock.

Tummy tuck after hernia surgery.

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In order to answer your question, it depends on where your hernia was, where and what type of mesh was used, and whether or not your hernia is truly corrected. For a tummy tuck, tightening of the muscles is commonly performed. This allows for correction of mild to moderate bulging of the abdominal wall. If this is the location of your mesh repair, this tightening may or may not be possible. The fat harvested for buttock augmentation is often taken from the stomach and flank area.

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Tummy tuck and fat grafting

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You had a hernia repair and your stomach still protrudes. First, you want to be sure that you do not have another hernia. If you do pursue an abdominoplasty, you need to be aware that the mesh and prior incision from the hernia repair may make your tummy tuck more difficult than usual. Best of luck!

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