Hard Bumps 7 Days After Tummy Tuck - Normal?

My abdomen is hard and bumpy, i was wondering if that's going to get better as the days go by or should i worry? I don't know what to do, it's only been 7 days, maybe i'm just panicking.

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Could be normal but you should contacxt your surgeo n

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Hard bumps after a tummy tuck are unikely but could a be a sign of normal recovery. They maybe related oliposuction or represent a samll fluid accumulation called seroma This usually resolves with aspiration. you should see your surgeon to determine what is the cause and propsed treatment

Abdominal irreularities after TT

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What you should do right now is take a deep breath and calm your nerves. It is far too soon to be worried about irregularities in the tissues folowing a TT.  Your tissues are swollen and can be hard (indurated).  If there are "bumps" along the incision line they are the sutures which will dissolve in time.  Along the midline your surgeon may have used permanent sutures that won't dissolve.  Ask.  But most of all be patient.  I have had a TT, too and can tell you it took a lot longer for all the healing to occur than I had expected.  Plan on seeing changes for at least 6 months.  It just gets better for a very long time.  Think positively.

7 days post op is too soon to have worries.

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It is way too soon to worry about it only 7 days after your procedure.  Healing can take up to a year.

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Lumps tummy

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I agree that best advice is have your plastic surgeon examine you. Any other advice without exam is just guessing. Good luck

Michael K. Kim, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon

Hard bumps 7 days after tummy tuck

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There are many reasons to have firm areas a week after your tummy tuck.

Firstly, there is a great deal of fluid that accumulates within the tissues. Your body will gradually rid itself of this fluid.

Secondly, there are many sutures both to repair the muscle as well as to close the wound. These can last up to 6 months before dissolving.

Finally, your body heals itself with scar tissue. The amount of scar tissue in a wound will increase for several months before beginning to soften and shrink. In general most operated areas end up feeling soft and smooth, although this may take a year or longer.

Bumps seven days after tummy tuck

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Our guess is that you are feeling deep sutures perhaps along the incision line, or where the tummy have been 'quilted' down to reduce fluid collections. The bumps and imperfections will resolve as you heal and sutures relax and dissolve, so you should relax as well.

Best of luck,


Hard and Bumpy abdomen after tummy tuck 7 days ago

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Dear Blansky,

If you could provide an additional description of the 'hard and bumpy area(s)', or even a photo, you may be able to get a more precise answer. At seven days, the most likely explanation is swelling. When an area is operated on, the tissues soak up fluid like a sponge. This can result in the area feeling quite firm and even irregular. With a tummy tuck, concomitant liposuction, use of compression garments, and even the way you sit can cause the changes you describe. Fortunately, they all go away as the swelling subsides and healing process goes on.

My advice is to follow up with your surgeon as scheduled (my guess is that you will be seeing him/her at about 1 week after surgery), and make sure it is nothing more serious than swelling. Accept that there will be a period of time that must elapse before the swelling subsides and your tummy starts looking better. Good luck.

Best regards,

Lawrence Tong MD FACS FRCSC 

Lawrence Tong, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Concern about bumps 7 days after a tummy tuck.

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Seven days following a tummy tuck is way to early to worry about lumps and bumps. You didn't specifically describe the location, size, if concommitant liposuction was done and how thin your skin is - all which can affect the degree and extensiveness of irregularities. Full maturation can take up to a year.

When you see your plastic surgeon  next, just inquire about these areas.

7 days after surgery

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Being that you are only seven days post-op from a tummy tuck,  you should giv eyourself more time to heal. The lumps you may be feeling may ver well go away over the next few weeks. If you are concerned, check in with your doctor.

Perfectly normal

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The various irregularities is very normal after a tummy tuck. If it is in the incision this is usually a deep suture holding the closure together.  You are doing just fine.

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