Answers on the cost of a tummy tuck

I had a c-section recently due to the fact my son was very large...I did not mind this at the time, but it seems my skin is sagging off of me...I don't know what to do...Does anyone have any answers out there on the cost of a tummy tuck...Something that is considered afforadable.

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Tummy tuck cost

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Although the cost varies, the national average is approximately 6-15 thousand for a full tummy tuck with an anesthesiologist.  Good luck.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of a TT?

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Cost factors vary significantly for a number of good reasons: Prices vary greatly because the surgery itself encompasses a wide range of techniques that can be performed to different extents. My recommendation is to first find the most qualified surgeons where you want the surgery performed that are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery you trust, then compare prices between them. See the below link on suggestions on how to find the most qualified plastic surgeon for your procedure. General Factors that influence the price of plastic surgery include:

1. Location - Will it be performed in a hospital with an overnight stay, an independent out- patient facility or a doctor’s office? Geographical location also has a significant influence. RealSelf has average charges for most areas of the USA.

2. Type of Anesthesia - local, IV sedation or General Anesthesia? Will a board certified anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, or an RN be used?            3. Experience and training of your surgeon. The best and longest trained is most often a plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery           4. Length and Complexity of Surgery - how difficult will your surgery be and how long it will take, etc. Will other complementary procedures also be also performed during the same surgery?

Costs of Surgery

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Thank you for your post.
In considering the cost of a Tummy Tuck, you should look at the components of the cost:
1. Surgeons Fee. This is usually the greatest part of the overall cost and can vary immensly from location to location (just like the cost of living varies in each location) as well as in the same location, it can vary from surgeon to surgeon. Usually, a surgeon commanding a higher price is very experienced and has very good results reliably, and is very busy due to the above. This also depends on if a circumferential, tummy tuck, extended tummy tuck, full tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, and skin only tummy tuck is performed. These are usually less expensive in decreasing order.
2. Anesthesia Fee. This can vary depending on if a board certified MD anesthesiologist is used, vs. a nurse anesthetist, vs. a non-certified nurse, vs. only local anesthesia (an awake procedure). Obviously, the further you go down the line, the cheaper the price. You do get what you pay for.
3. Facility Fee. This can vary if it is a a state/medicare certified facility, vs. the back of a doc's office.
4. Accessories. This includes things like a pain pump, Exparol injections (72 hour long lasting numbing), garments, tissue glues, etc. These are not necessary for a great result, just add to the comfort of a result.
5. Revision. Usually a revision such as dog ears or lowering the scar, or a seroma, is much less that the original surgery, but this depends entirely on what exactly is being done.
6. Add on surgeries are usually discounted, as in a mommy makeover.
7. Insurance. If an insurance based surgery, such as a hernia repair is done at the same time, the tummy tuck may be discounted.
As with anything in life, buyer beware of risks of cutting corners in surgery.
Real Self has average costs of every operations in your location that you can peruse before seeing a surgeon, but keep in mind that the above quality can change from office to office. Choose a surgeon that you are very comfortable with and is board certified.
Best Wishes,
Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Congratulations on your new baby!

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As you have experienced, pregnancy, childbirth, and breast-feeding produce significant changes to woman's body. Many women become interested in body contouring after going through this process. We commonly perform tummy tucks on women who are postpartum but recommend that they wait at least for six months after they have completed breast-feeding before undergoing such procedure. This amount of time will allow the hormones in your body to dissipate and for your body to achieve its final postbaby result. We love performing tummy tucks on women who have had cesarean sections because we can create a more delicate scar below where you currently have your C-section scar.

In our practice, we feel that as every patient is unique so is every tummy tuck. During the initial consult, we spend a great deal of time understanding the patient's concerns and what their aesthetic priorities are. This allows us to design a tummy tuck just for them. These tummy tucks are often done in combination with liposculpture, and liposuction. Many of our patients, use this opportunity to receive other surgeries in the same setting and take advantage in the cost savings and in a single recovery process. For this reason, the costs of the tummy tuck may vary considerably. The price of the surgery may range between $5000 and $13,000.
Clearly, this is a significant investment on the part of the patient. However, patients considering such a surgery should keep in mind that the cheapest way to have the surgery is to have it performed correctly the first time. Unfortunately, we have seen many patients here in South Florida that have received tummy tucks from providers who are not plastic surgeons and then present to the office requesting a revision. These patients will not only have to cover a second procedure but their options may be limited depending on the tissue and scarring that was left from their first surgery.

Therefore your best bet is to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is very experienced in, plastic, liposuction, and body contouring. They will be able to thoroughly evaluate you and determine if you are a candidate for surgery and what other modalities can help you reach your aesthetic goal.

Congratulations again and enjoy your beautiful new baby!

Tummy tuck fees

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The fee for a tummy tuck will vary around the country.  This can run anywhere from $5000-$15000 depending on where you got to get it done.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck Cost

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The cost of cosmetic surgery is almost completely based on time of surgery and surgical supplies.    Unlike an insurance procedure, every minute of cosmetic surgery adds up in anesthesia fee, surgeon fee, and facility fee.   

I would recommend consultation with 3 board certified plastic surgeons in your region to get an accurate estimate.  Cost can fluctuate depending on the facility used (hospital vs. office) and the geographic region.  The ASPS and ASAPS website have wonderful resources on pricing based on geographic region.  

In Houston, Texas, a standard abdominoplasty runs from 7-10k.   Cost can go up or down significantly depending on whether a mini tummy tuck or bodylift is necessary.   Also, I routinely use liposuction for optimal contouring, which can affect the overall price depending on time necessary.

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Costs for tummy tuck

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The total costs for abdominal contouring will depend on the procedure(s) you will need.  It could be a tummy tuck, an extended tummy tuck, and may require adjunctive liposuction as well.  The total costs will be a total of your surgeon's fees + operating room/facility fees + anesthesia fees + a possible overnight stay charge if required.  The total cost will likely range between 6 to 12k depending on these factors.  Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your options

Saggy tummy skin after c section

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 At the very least, you will need a scar revision but would most likely benefit from a mini/full tummy tuck. Depending on the surgery, costs will vary from 2-12,000 USD.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck Cost

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Check for cost information with surgeons in your area.  My advice however is to shop surgeon and shop results, don't shop technique, and don't shop cost.  The lowest up front price may be the most expensive surgery you ever have if you develop complications, problems, and/or a poor result.  Go for quality.  You'll forget about what you paid in a few years, but you'll see your result daily for the rest of your life.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of Tummy Tuck

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There are wide variations in the costs for tummy tucks and other aesthetic surgeries which are mainly geographical.  The cost in Huntsville (and in Louisville) likely will be  a great deal less than it would be on either coast.  You should be able to obtain an estimate of the costs which you will incur by phoning plastic surgeons offices, but remember that you probably would not want the cheapest surgeon in town operating on you if you are having brain or heart surgery.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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