Should I be concerned about having a tummy tuck?

I have a question I will be having a tummy tuck lipo and fat tranfer to my butt I am in good healthy my concern is not waking up or dieing of a blood clog I'm not sure if it rarely happened or it happened a lot my so I need to know am I over think my choice or is it a gamble going under the knife ?

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Blood clots and surgery

The occurrence of blood clots is rare and we always take precautions to minimize the risk, such as using compression stockings during surgery and limitihng the duration of surgery.  Blood clots in abdominoplasty are a greater risk when combined with other procedures, because they lengthen the procedure or make the recovery more difficult.  I think the BBL is a waste of a procedure anyway, so I recommend crossing it off your list and consider just the tummy tuck.

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Blood Clots

Thank you for the question.

This question is inquired often.

The answer is that there's no way to determine if you're getting one or not. This depends on how you're body reacts to surgery. Although it's rare to happen, the chances to develop one is greater when the surgery length is longer. Every surgeon should have prevention for this during surgery but even though we do have this, it cannot be certain that they won't develop.

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Should I be concerned about having a tummy tuck?

   I have performed hundreds and hundreds of tummy tucks and Brazilian buttlifts, and I have not had either happen.

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Blood clot

Deep vein thrombosis is a complication of any long procedure. As Specialist plastic surgeons/Board certified we are very aware of the risks and implication of a DVT and take a number of precautions to reduce your risk. The risks are relatively low if you do not have other risk factors. I would recommend you see a board certified plastic surgeon and ensure your anaesthetist is board certified and your operation is in a recognised facility.  
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Safety of surgery

You need to make a mental safety list to check off, Is your surgeon board certified in plastic surgery, is the operating facility accredited, Is anesthesia administered boy a board certified anesthesiologist. If these criteria are met you are most likely in good hands. We do hundreds of surgeries every year in our office and have never had a crisis like you talk about. Do your research and you will be safe. Good Luck

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Blood clots after tummy tuck

You bring up a good question. The basic process is that blood clots form in the deep veins of the legs then travel back to the right side of the heart where they are pumped into the lungs. If the clots are small,the lungs simply filter them out, after awhile the clots are destroyed by the body and full circulation restored. In rare cases the clot is large enough to actually block the blood flow of the lungs. This is rare but can cause sudden death. Doctors, and even airlines, are well aware of the the factors that contribute to blood clots in the legs such as immobility on long airline flights and surgery. Even healthy people should be aware too and exercise the calf muscles, a natural pump, by walking or doing simple flexing movements.  
For a person considering abdominoplasty, the risk of a blood clot causing severe problem is extremely small. You can reduce this risk even more by confirming that your surgeon uses accepted measures like calf squeezers during surgery and doing calf exercises immediately postoperatively and walking as soon as your surgeon lets you.
The bottom line is that abdominoplasty and fat injection are good operations for the right patient with a small risk serious complications- go find a good surgeon!       

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Is tummy tuck safe?

Hello and thank you for you question.  You're right to consider the serious risks of surgery before going under the knife.  In my practice a full patient history, physical exam and labs are obtained to evaluate your risks for certain complications.  There are measures that your surgeon can take to reduce your risk, especially if you have a personal or family history of blood clots. 
Anesthesia, when administered by a trained and experienced anesthetist is very safe.  If you are young and healthy, the risk of not waking up from anesthesia is extremely low.  I recommend consulting with an experienced plastic surgeon to discuss these concerns.  

Best of luck to you!

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