Tummy Tuck Complication - Mycobacterium Abscesses

I have my cousin who had a tummy tuck and develop a Mycobacterium abscesses?please help

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Mycobacterial infection after tummy tuck

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Mycobacteria are considered atypical pathogens when it comes to surgical infection. The most common mycobacterial infection is tuberculosis, though it is another mycobacterium which cause skin abscess and infection. Cases that I am first familiar with started appearing in liposuction procedures and were traced to sterilization as the bacteria are not skin flora, and surgical contamination is possibly the source. The abscesses must all be opened and cleaned thoroughly. Drug resistance is a problem with mycobacteria so an infectious disease specialist is important.

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Tummy Tuck Infection

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Infection with tummy tuck / abdominoplasty is uncommon and that with mycobacterium is even more rare.  It is important that you cousin follows closely with his / her surgeon to receive the appropriate care.  


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