Can Tummy Tuck Cause Stomach Hernia?

I have a knot that is in the middle of my stomach that is protruding out like a ball. I get nausea wheneven I eat, when I get pain in my stomach or have to use the restroom it sticks out worst.

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Tummy Tuck causing hernia

It is very unlikely that a tummy tuck is the cause of your hernia.  Having said that, you still need to seek medical attention to evaluate your abdominal wall.  Please see your plastic surgeon.  Additional work up with imaging may be needed.  Best of luck.

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Tummy Tuck and Hernia?

Thank you for the question.

It is not possible to give you good advice without  obtaining a full history and direct examination. I would suggest that you be seen by your internist and/or plastic surgeon for evaluation. Physical examination and/or imaging may be necessary to make a definitive diagnosis (and treatment plan).

Based on your description our you may be dealing with a abdominal wall hernia or relative muscle laxity (for example partial separation of the muscle plication).

Best wishes.

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