Breastfeeding After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

im having a baby boy soon im 35 weeks pregnant. im thinking of having a tummy tuck or any other surgery done to get rid of the stretch marks will this affect or stop me from breastfeeding after the surgery?

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Slow down --- smell the flowers

Enjoy your baby -- relax -- nurse let your tummy recover and your uterus shrink -- then talk about a tummy tuck. You should wait 3 to 6 months after delivering before surgery. If you are going to breast feed for an extended time then I would probably delay until done breast feeding because when you are taking pain meds etc you can't give the milk to the baby. So - enjoy your child and then fix your body.

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NO Tummy Tuck at Time of Delivery!

As the other surgeons have said, this is a very controversial thing to do and generally not recommended.  Your body needs to recover from the entire pregnancy/birthing issue, and needs to return to its new-normal state.  For some women this takes 6 weeks, while for others it can take a year.  Trying to do it at the same time as birth sets you up for a high rate of infection and poor aesthetic outcomes, since you have no way to know at that time what will return to normal and what will not.  I hope this helps.

Breast feeding and tummy tucks

You should not do a tummy tuck at the time of delivery.  You should wait 6-9 months at least before surgery so unless you plan to breast feed longer than that there is no issue here.  Otherwise, you would need to pump and dispose all milk until you are off all medications.

Breastfeeding after tummy tuck surgery

ARe you serious or WHAT? Do not have any cosmetic surgery while breasting. That is simply foolish. Where  did you get this idea? Be careful.


Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) at the time of delivery.

Tummy tucks at the time of delivery are highly controversial and generally not advised. IF they are performed, they tend to be less agressive than traditional tummy tucks. Most surgeons would advise not nursing while undergoing a tummy tuck.

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Post partum plastic surgery

I do not feel professionally, that it is wise to do cosmetic surgery right after delivery.  Tummy tuck in particular in my opinion, should not be performed so soon after delivery.  You will likely notice improvement over time.

Wait at least 6 months after pregnancy for a tummy tuck

You need to wait several months after pregnancy for your tissues to normalize and your wound healing ability to recover prior to getting a tummy tuck. The fact that you've had a tummy tuck will not preclude you from breast feeding.

Although many women have a mini tummy tuck at the time of c-section....

When you deliver vaginally, it is best to schedule to have a tummy tuck to correct loose skin after you have reached your pre-pregnancy weight. This is usually 3-6 months after delivery. And of course it's best to wait until after you have finished breast feeding. It will probably not "Stop" you from breast feeding, but most surgeons will not perform this until you have already stopped. Breast feeding is extremely important for you baby and definitely worth waiting a few more months for.

Timing of tummy tuck after pregnancy.

Thanks for the great question -

In our San Francisco area practice we always advise our patients that it is usually best to wait some time after pregnancy before seeking body contouring (tummy tuck) type operations.  Here's why:

1.  It can be difficult to take care of a new born while you're recovering.

2.  Narcotic pain medications that may be required to keep you comfortable in the first week post-op can be passed in breast milk meaning that you can't breast feed.

3.  Body contouring procedures generate the best results when you're closest to your ideal body weight.  This means that baby weight can actually make your post-op result inferior to a result you would get if you lost some of that weight.

I hope this helps!

Yes, it will

If you are still breast feeding there aseveral concerns.  You will have anesthesia will will prevent you frrom breast feeding and will be on pain medication and antibiotics, both of which enter the breast milk.  I also don't know if you are planning on having more children.  The hormones from breast feeding may also affet your weight.  At the vvery least I would wait to have a tummy tuck until you have finished having a family and have stopped breast feeding for 3 months and are at least 6 months post delivery to allow your body to get back to the best shape it can be in prior to surgery.

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