Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants Touch Up After Pregnancy?

I'm a young woman who has had a tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation. I'm 21 now and my husband and I would like to have a child. I'm wondering now, how bad my skin will be after having a child. If I eat right and exercise while pregnant can I expect my skin to snap back as well as it does for other women my age, or do I have more of a chance of it remaining lax since I have had to have the tummy tuck and breast lift before?

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Pregnancy and Mommy Makeovers

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It's difficult to answer your question without seeing the quality of your skin. Most 21 year olds have excellent skin tone and unless they have had major weight loss creating an excess apron of lower abdominal skin, it is unusual to need a tummy tuck before having a child. There are a small number of patients who have a genetic laxity of their skin which predisposes them to stretching everywhere. Thus the answer to your question is related to the reason you needed the abdominalplasty and the quality of your remaining skin. Certainly pregnancy is a major stress to any abdominal skin so that if you have a predisposition to stretching, you may still be at increased risk for abdominal stretching after pregnancy.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Mommy makeover (squared): the second time around

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I have been impressed that subsequent to a tummy tuck, patients are generally more attentive to their nutritional status and overall well being. They generally take better care of themselves and their abdomens generally fare better.  However, that being said, I have had three of my own tummy tuck patients proceed to pregnancy who have then required a second tummy tuck.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Pregnancy affects on results of plastic surgery

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Plastic surgery, unfortunately, does not guarantee permanent results. Factors such as weight loss, weight gain, aging, pregnancy, and breast-feeding affects the results of surgery. Results may vary between patient to patient and could depend on the affects of pregnancy itself as well. Your previous surgeries should not affect your pregnancy in any way. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon or your primary care doctor for more information and advice. Good luck and take care.

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