Tummy Tuck and Brazlilian Butt Lift: Has Sitting on Butt Affected BBL Results?

The dr said he was able to place 350cc of fat into each butt cheek. I got a TT consecutively, so I had to be on my back after the surgery & all of Sunday. Today is Mon. & I'm able to finally get on my sides to avoid putting anymore pressure to the butt.

Is the fact that I sat on my butt for half of Sat & most of Sun affect the outcome of the BBL? I can already tell the difference that my butt is bigger but not sure if its just bc its swelling.

Any suggestions on what I should do? Please help.

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Tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift

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You can't do anything about the first couple of days, but you're doing the right thing now by staying on your sides. Tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift is a tough combination but may be necessary if you need to use the fat in the abdominal wall removed during the tummy tuck. There will always be some postop swelling. I generally tell patients they will not see their final result after brazilian butt lift for 6 weeks due to swelling and some expected early fat resorption. Give your surgeons office a call to be sure you're following their postop protocol.

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