Getting Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift - How Do I Sleep?

hi im getting a tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift,how can I sleep or relax? Im really nervous about sleeping or just relaxing down time...will i need to stand all day? can i b on my knees? r there n e products that can help me recover from both procedures? pleassse help me =(

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Sleeping After BBL/TT combination

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My patients following a TT with or without a BBL stay in a reclining chair the first week. A flat tempurpedic pillow beneath your back and upper thighs will offload pressure on your buttocks.In my practice it is common for me to perform all of the procedures you mentioned at the same time. However, I use an assistant to save total operative time with the goal less than 6 hours of surgery (often far less than that) to minimize potential complications and for a speedier recovery. Sometimes there are even less scarring as for straight augmentations, I place the implants using the TT incision without the need for breast scars.The benefit is only one surgery, only one recovery (you heal from all procedures simultaneously) and that you can use the fat that would normally be discarded from the tummy tuck. Pros and cons of this decision should be part of your in depth consultation with your plastic surgeon including the increased risk of complications with long surgeries and how to prevent them. Your plastic surgeon will guide you into making the best decision in your individual case. The most important decision is picking the best plastic surgeon experienced in this technique. See link regarding finding the best surgeon for combined surgeries.

Tummy tuck and bbl - best as staged procedures

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Thank your for your question. A tummy tuck can address the skin and muscle laxity of the abdominal region as well as reducing the excess fatty tissue. A brazilian butt lift helps to shape the buttock by borrowing fat from one part (or several) and transferring this fat to another. They are both extremely rewarding procedures. The best approach for a patient who wants to have both procedures is to stage them and possibly start with the BBL. Here is why:
1) A brazilian butt lift is transferring fat from one area to the buttock. One common donor area is the tummy. Once the fat is transferred, you need to keep pressure off the buttock as this allows new blood supply to develop to the newly grafted fat cells. Any stress such as pressure can reduce the efficacy of this process and hence you may lose some fat. Hence, no sitting or laying on your bottom for ~2 weeks.
2) A tummy tuck is removing excess skin and tightening the muscle as well as remove extra fat. To make the skin removal efficient and protect the incision, you surgeon will often remove skin while your hips are flexed. You will need to maintain this position after surgery for about a week. This will required you to sleep in a recliner position for a good week. In addition, l often combine liposuction of the abdomen and flanks as part of this procedure and once this fat is removed, it cannot be stored for the brazilian buttock lift in the future.
Since the recovery process for these two popular procedures compete, I would recommend staging them. If you are surgeon is needing as much donor areas to recruit as much fat as possible, then I would start with the brazilian buttock lift so you can use the abdominal and flank regions as donor areas.

Having a Tummy Tuck with a Brazilian Butt Lift are NOT a comfortable combination

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"im getting a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift,how can I sleep or relax? Im really nervous about sleeping or just relaxing down time...will i need to stand all day? can i b on my knees?" Those are valid questions which you should pose to your surgeon. You may even want to have him demonstrate to you how you are expected to sleep and find a comfort zone.

Just because we CAN do certain operations does not mean that we SHOULD be doing these operations together. All Plastic surgeons know and common sense should guide non-surgeons that some combinations of procedures just don't go together well and will definitely be problematic. The choice is yours.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt lift and tummy tuck (abdominioplasty); Sleeping and sitting positions

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We often provide our patients with pages of instructions that are far too numerous to list here. These may vary by surgeon.  Many surgeons prefer not to perform the pricedures together for this reason. We often adivse patients to sleep side to side in fetal position and rolling on to hands and knees. A walker and toilet seat riser may be beneficial. We prefer hard seats and stools where weight is borne by the ischial tuberosiites rather than well cushioned and reclined seats where more pressure is applied to the buttocks. Side pressure is norne by the greater trcohanter..

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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