Tummy Tuck Vs Body Lift

Hi I lost almost around 100kg and I'm wondering about which is better surgery to me a tummy tuck or a body left and is there any other solution rather then to have a surgery

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Tummy tuck vs body lift after massive weight loss

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If you have lost 100kg I imagine you have a significant amount of excess skin on your abdomen and trunk.  I would recommend a body lift which will remove the excess skin of your abdomen, sides, buttock and outer thighs. This will give you a much better outcome than just a tummy tuck alone- which will only treat your front area.  A body lift will treat the entire circumference of your torso/abdomen/buttock area.

If you have other areas of concern (arms,thighs,chest), they can be addressed in later stages.

You will want to have medical clearance by your primary care physician prior to your surgery also.

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Tummy tuck, body lift

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Which procedure is better depends on exactly where your extras skin is. Most patients who have lost 100 lbs hhave excess skin circumferentially and will therefore benefit from a body lift. However, there can be patients who will get a good result just from a tummy tuck.

David L. Abramson, MD
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Tummy tuck vs. Body lift

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First of all, congratulations in losing 100kg!  Although you may be healthy with the weight loss, I assume that you probably have excess skin/fat around your trunk.  Unfortunately, there is no substitution for surgery if you have hanging skin.  If you just have excess skin/fat in your belly, tummy tuck would be a good procedure for you.  However, with 100kg weight loss, I would think that you have excess skin/fat not only in the front part of your body but also on your back.  Body lift is a combination of three procedures where it addresses 1) removing the excess skin/fat and tightening muscle of your belly, 2) lifting your lateral thighs, 3) lifting your buttocks by removing the excess skin/fat from the back.  You should visit with board-certified plastic surgeon to see whether you would be a good candidate for tummy tuck or body lift.  Also ask her/him in regards to operative time and recovery course for both procedures.  Make sure that your weight is stable and that you are healthy to undergo procedures.

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