Tummy Tuck or Body Contouring?

Hi, I'm a 48 year-old male in excellent health, work out 5-6 times/week, very physically active, and eat a healthy diet. I drink at least 60-70 oz water per day. Have had Zerona treatments on flanks and Smart Lipo on lower back, bodyfat around 7%. Have a small (1/2 inch) wrinkly skin around belly button, can't seem to get rid of. Thinking of abdominoplasty & alternatives. Very well-developed, hard abs, but can't rid myself of this excess skin. Would appreciate any advice, thanks!

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Congratulations on losing the weight. The only way to get rid of excess skin is to do a dermalipectomy removal of abdomen skin. A man tummy tuck.

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Getting rid of loose abdominal skin

In my opinion, the skin tightening technology now available provides marginal improvement by stimulating collagen production and/or shrinking and contracting dermal elements.  If the area of loose excess skin is well localized, surgical excision under magnification with meticulous technique will likely be most successful in improving contour.  Of course, the scar is a trade off, so technical quality of the procedure and your inherited healing characteristics should be considered in your decision about whether or not to have the excess removed.

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Options for excess abdominal skin

From your description, your issue appears to be related to skin alone and you have already undergone fat removing procedures. Often, excisional surgery is the only effective option, but this involves larger scars sometimes not worth the small benefit. Radiofrequency skin tightening procedures have been met with very limited benefits. It is likely you would need to see a physician in person to get a more formal answer.

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Vincent P. Marin, MD
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