Tummy Tuck with Back Lift

I am planning on having a tummy tuck ( w/flank lipo), and breast aug next month. No breast lift. I am contemplating asking about a back lift at the same time. My back skin is pretty tight, with the exception of one roll on each side at the bottom of my rib cage. I was told id need it removed because its just skin. Is this too much surgery at once? Id be happy with one cut on either side, not a full bra line lift.

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Tummy Tuck with Back Lift

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To me a tummy tuck with back lift means a total body lift or circumferential lift.  it does not sound as if this is a procedure which you need but a photo or more information would have been helpful.  Most patients who will benefit from a total body lift are those who have had a massive weight loss or have a lot of excess skin in the back, buttocks, or lateral thighs for other reasons.

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