I Had a Tummy Tuck and Flank Lipo 8 Weeks Ago and Have Gotten my Period 3x. I Have Always Been Super Regular?

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Irregular periods after tummy tuck

Thank you for asking about your irregular periods after your tummy tuck.

  1. This is completely normal.
  2. Major surgery causes release of cortisol, a hormone that temporarily affects all other hormones
  3. It may take 3-6 cycles after your tummy tuck for periods to get regular again.
  4. If you have other problems - e.g. very heavy bleeding  - see your gynecologist to be checked. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Changes in Menstruation after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

It is very common for menstrual cycles to be altered or delayed around the “stress” of surgical procedures. These changes usually resolve without intervention. If not, see your GYN physician for evaluation/advice.

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I Had a Tummy Tuck and Flank Lipo 8 Weeks Ago and Have Gotten my Period 3x. I Have Always Been Super Regular?

Dear capk,

Thank you for your post.  Yes, this is normal to have abnormal periods after a large 'stressful' event such as an TT.  The body releases hormones and it takes many cycles to even out. 

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Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
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Delayed Period

Hi Good Afternoon , 

You having a delayed period is caused by the circumstances surrounding the surgery but not the surgery it self , I agree with Dr. Tom Pousti , most likely it is because of the stress of it all and or sometimes I do not know if its your case but patients after surgery start doing diets that are not well proportioned your are not eating the correct meals and such that could also cause your period to be delayed. Remember to eat nutritious but correct proportions nothing extreme to avoid aside from that , dizziness or anemia. 

Hope this helps ,
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Luis Suarez, MD
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Period irreg after tummy tuck

Any stress on the body alters the hormonal balance. It should resolve with time. If any symtoms appear that seem completely abnormal then pl see your GYN.

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