Tummy Tuck and Fat Implant on Butt on April 26. You Think I Can Travel on the Plane July 9th with my Surgery?

Tummy Tuck and Fat Implant on Butt on April 26. You Think I Can Travel on the Plane July 9th with my Surgery?

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Travel post-op tummy tuck

Definitely best to check with your plastic surgeon.  That being said, I suggest that my patients do not travel within the first month post-operatively.  After that point, I suggest walking around the plane at least every 30 minutes to decrease the risk of a blood clot.  Best of luck!

Travel after cosmetic surgery

I always encourage patients to consult with their plastic surgeon regarding their individual case. However, if your post operative course has been unremarkable, I see no reason why you could not travel this far out from surgery. I would encourage you to take all of the normal precautions, such as staying well hydrated and moving about the cabin of the plane periodically in order to avoid potential complications, such as blood clots in your legs. Additionally, it may be prudent to avoid heavy lifting, such as luggage, at this time.

Antonio Gayoso, MD
Saint Petersburg Plastic Surgeon
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Traveling after Brazilian Butt Lift

I agree!  As long as all is healing well, there should be no contraindication to travel that long after surgery.  But, be sure to check with your surgeon.
Good Luck.  Dr M

Full Activity permitted after 6 weeks for uneventful recovery.

If there were no complications  following your tummy tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer to buttocks) surgery, then I  allow my patients to have full activities for all of my patients after 6 weeks. Travel by plane should not be a problem. Note - this is my usual and customary practice: Always check with your surgeon who is most familiar with your particular surgery and recovery.

Normally any patient needs 10 days after surgery to travel

if  you  fullfill the whole previous requirements in order  your  surgery get a success, normally you would  need only 10 days  after surgery to travel, of course taking in account a possible thrombosis

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Travel after abdominoplasty/buttock fat grafting

You should discuss this with your treating surgeon but, generally, in the absence of complications, you should be able to travel 10 weeks postop.

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