Tummy Tuck and Belly Button Problems?

3 weeks post op my belly button is red, and is leaking oily looking substance it has a smell but not a bad smell, i have no pain just feel preasure when i walk today i looked at it i can see the very tiny tip of a stitch. Do they also put stitches inside or did my doctor maybe forgot to take one out? Also i havent smoked at all before surgery but from lack of communication i did not know i was still not able to smoke after surgery, and for the past 3 days i have smoked, i only smoked 1 a day.

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Belly button problems after tummy tuck

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Problems with the belly button after tummy tuck can be related to the circulation in the tissue, as well as moisture and infection. The redness should be seen by your surgeon as a suture might have surfaced or a minor infection started. Stop the smoking and keep the area very clean and covered with antibiotic ointment and let your surgeon have a look.

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Tummy Tuck and Belly Button Problem

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  • Navel drainage--this sounds like a buried stitch that has surfaced. Your surgeon can remove this and that will probably resolve that issue.
  • Smoking- after surgery is the most dangerous time for smoking. The surgery itself interferes with much of the blood supply to the remaining abdominal skin. Nicotine form cigarettes cuts down the blood supply by narrowing the small blood vessels, and that is a really bad combination. Stop now, and do not use any nicotine products (gum, patches, etc) as they are probably worse than smoking for blood flow.

Thanks for  your question, best wishes.

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