Tummy tuck after cystocele/rectocele repair: How long should I leave between surgeries?

I have been advised to allow 4 weeks after cystocele/rectocele repair (with probable vaginal hysterectomy) before having TT surgery. Is this enough time, all being well? Will my recovery from TT be slower? I have an 8 week period to make the most of, but am I asking too much of my 50 year old, otherwise healthy, body?

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Tummy tuck following hysterectomy

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There is no absolute rule and every patient recovers differently. Patients of mine that have had both procedures say that the recovery following a tummy tuck is quicker than that following vaginal hysterectomy. Personally I would have reservations about performing a tummy tuck 4 weeks following hysterectomy.
Recovery in my opinion is not related to age and if you are fit and healthy you may be able to recover from a hysterectomy in 4 weeks. I think it would be better to have fully recovered from the hysterectomy before having a tummy tuck but you should consult with your PS and also seek the advice of your gynaecologist so that you can make an informed decision. 

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