Tummy Tuck Advice?

I had a C-section on May 23, 2012 and have a gorgeous little boy. I've been talking to my husband about a tummy tuck because I've been dieting & exercising ever since I was able to after giving birth and the doctor released me and said I was able to work out again. I want to get some more information before I call a doctor that I have been looking into. I am freaking out because if I do have a tummy tuck done I do not want to be left with a hideous scar from hip-to-hip. What do you guys think?

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Tummy tuck advise?

your photos and history suggest that you would be a good candidate for an abdominoplasty.  The scar is the trade off for a flatter and tighter stomach.  You have to decide which bothers you more and proceed accordingly.  Consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery) to discuss your concerns and view their before and after photos may help you make this decision.

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Tummy Tuck Advice?

You appear to be a good candidate for a tummy tuck. Since you already have had a c-section, you have a pretty good idea of how you scar. usually a TT incision will be about twice as long, and will be hidden by a bikini. If patients thought the scars were hideous we would not do many TT's. Your best bet would be to see a surgeon in consultation, and look at photos which show the scars a year or more out from surgery.


When you are ready for an in person consultation, RealSelf has listings of surgeons in your area. You should consider cross referencing the listings from the The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (plasticsurgery dot org). A listing in the ASPS website assures you that your surgeon is not only board certified,  but also is a member in good standing of the major plastic surgery organization in the U. S. Thank you for your question, best wishes.

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Scars and Tummy Tuck

You said you had a C section.  You already have half the scar for a Tummy Tuck.  Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your expectations and concerns.

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Am I a candidate for a tummy tuck

Your history of having worked out hard to get back into shape after your delivery are classic for a great tummy tuck candidate.  Your concerns about the incison are very normal.  I would ask your surgeon to show you pictures of the incision to make sure you are okay with this.  Good luck.

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