I am 5'5", 195 lbs and in good general shape. Would I Benefit from a Tummy Tuck?

I'm planning to have a Tummy Tuck at the of this month. I have spoken to a plastic surgeon and he thinks I will greatly benefit from a full tuck. I don't consider myself to be overweight, however, according to the national BMI, I am 5'5", 195 lbs and in good general shape. I have curves and I'm good with them. I would never want to be less than 150 lbs because I think I would look crazy. What are your thoughts?

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Achieve a stable weight prior to tummy tuck

The condition of your abdomen has more to do with the decision to proceed with a tummy tuck than your absolute weight.

Tummy tucks are best performed on people with skin laxity and a muscle separation. If it were just fat and your skin and muscle were ok, then the choice would be liposuction. If the plastic surgeon saw you and decided that a full tummy tuck was the best option for you, it is most likely that they felt you would benefit more from removing the loose skin and repairing the loose muscle. In this case, it would be a better idea to have the tummy tuck after you achieved a stable weight. Loosing weight after the tummy tuck would result in more loose skin.

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You need to lose weight before surgery

At your height, you are too heavy for an excellent tummy tuck result. You should lose weight down to within 10 pounds of your goal weight before surgery. This will give you the best and safest surgery and result.

The result will never be as good at your current weight. Do the tough work of dietary change, exercise and weight loss and then reward yourself with the tummy tuck and enjoy your great new body!

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