Tummy Tuck to Fix Adhesions?

I have had three c-sections, a partial hysterectomy, two laparascopies. When the hysterectomy and laparoscopy were done, the adhesions were removed. Would a Tummy Tuck get rid of adhesions?

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Adhesions and a tummy tuck

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Adhesions are usually connections between the bowel and itself or the surround tissues. A tummy tuck only addresses issues outside of the abdominal cavity, and therefore would not help with the adhesions. If it's excess skin and fat outside the abdominal cavity that you're worried about, then a tummy tuck would be great for you. A tummy tuck will also address any abdominal wall laxity that you may have. I hope this helps!

Tummy tuck and adhesions

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Depends on how you are using the term adhesions.

If you mean inside the abdomen (the correct term), no, since the tummy tuck does not go inside the abdomen.

If you mean the scarring and irregularities that occur with multiple C-scections, absolutely. This is Step One of a tummy tuck, to remove the C-section incisions, the scarring and fix any hernias that are present, and to reestablish a smooth lower abdominal contour.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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No it does not.

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A tummy tuck is designed to get rid of the excess skin of the abdomen. It will also tighten the muscles and flatten the abdominal apprearance. We do not go inside the abdomen and touch the internal adhesions.

A tummy tuck will not help adhesions

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Adhesions are really inside the abdomen and may affect your intestines from functioning properly and may also cause pain. A tummy tuck does not enter inside the abdomen where adhesions are formed. Now if you have hardened scar tissue and visible scarring on the outside, then a tummy tuck may be a very good option to completely remove this and give you a great aesthetic result.

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