Strengthening Abs After Tummy Tuck?

I had a Tummy Tuck in July 2008. I had always been a huge ab work out fan. Now, I feel a lot of pulling and pain when I do crunches. My doctor said to use caution when doing ab work. How can I strengthen my abs to maintain the flat tummy without doing ab exercises? Thanks.

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Stretch before exercise after Tummy Tuck

The pain you are feeling is the stretching of the scar tissue around the muscle that has been tightened. You need to start with stretching techniques and listen to your body and not to overdo it when there is persistent discomfort.

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You should now be able to do abdominal exercises

I let my patients begin doing sit ups 6 weeks after Tummy Tuck surgery.

There is no way to strengthen your abs without doing abd exercises. I have no idea why your surgeon is asking you to be cautious this far out.

David E. Berman, MD
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Strengthening Abs After Tummy Tuck

Surgeons will tailor their postoperative instructions to the needs of the patients as long as they are reasonable within the scope of the surgery. Generally, this means that you will be able to do abdominal exercises 6 weeks to 8 weeks post surgery, but you should rely on you surgeon for guidance as he/she knows the specifics of your case.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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You should be able to work out so far out after Tummy Tuck


I have a fair number of very athletic women for whom I have performed tummy tuck surgery. I let them workout after 6-8 weeks usually easing in at first. At over a year out, your muscular repair should be pretty solid to workout.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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