Tummy Tuck with Abdominal Hernia -vs- Abdominoplasty During a C-section?

My last pregnancy was 7 years ago in which we did have a C-section delivery for only one of my twins. I am currently almost 7 months pregnant and must have a c-section for this upcoming delivery (a vertical uterine incision but horizontal outer incision). I've been recently diagnosed with abdominal hernia and rectus diastasis. We plan to have a tubal ligation at the same time as this c-section. My question is "Would a surgeon do a corrective surgery for the muscles during the c-section?"

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Abdominoplasty with hernia or c-section

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Corrective surgery for an umbilical hernia and abdominoplasty to correct a rectus abdomens muscle diastasis at the time of a c-section can be done, but it my be better to do this at a separate time to decrease the risk of complications, such as infection. Also, if there are any concerns during the c-section and delivery, the these procedures may need to be aborted and done at a separate time anyway.

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