Tummy Tuck with Little Abdominal Fat and Thin Facia?

Since the birth of my third child (over a year ago) I have suffered from a round hard belly, making me look pregnant. Dr's have confirmed abdominal separation and hernia. My case is tricky because I have a thin facia, and very little abdominal fat. Additionally my organs take up a lot of space in my small frame.What are the options to educe the size of the bump? I don't need a prefectly flat belly, but wondering if any doctors have seen this and can offer any advice or tips.

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Tummy tuck repairs muscle separation and loose skin

A muscle separation, called a diastasis, is a common occurrence after pregnancy and cannot be restored with exercise. The same thing applies to loose skin that has been stretched during pregnancy or weight gain. I am not sure what you mean by thin fascia but correction of the muscle separation and removal of the loose skin are the main reasons for having an abdominoplasty, Removal of extra fat is done only when necessary.

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Tummy Tuck with Little Abdominal Fat and Thin Facia

Thank you for your question. If you could attach a photograph preferably of the front and side views you are more likely to get useful responses.

Given that you have any hernia and separation of her abdominal muscles there is every reason to expect that he would have a nice improvement if those were corrected.

Other than in the headline need to mention the question of doing a tummy tuck. Even if you seem not to have extra skin doing something to redrape the skin after the muscle repair would probably be necessary to avoid bunching up of the skin along the vertical midline severe abdominal wall.

Thanks and best wishes.

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