TT 8/12/11, Lipo on Tummy 4/20/12, Followed By Drainage; Feel Like There's Movement In Stomach? (photo)

Tummy Tuck Done on 8/12/11 then Liposuction Same Place Tummy on 4/20/12 my Dr Said I Have Fuluid and Ever Two Day He Drain the frist day he drain 60cc second 50cc third 40cc on 5/7/12 im not feeling to well i feel like a pregnant four mouth i can feel movement like something swimming around i aso have pain and pressure in the front of my tummy and in the lower back of my back is this normal to feel this way , i go back to drain more on 5/9/12

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If you have a seroma after a tummy tuck, routine aspiration is the initial treatment, but you may have to have a more involved surgical procedure to remove the cavity. Usually aspiration routinely will be the treatment of choice.

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By your description and the "red" appearance on the posted photos you have an infected seroma. This needs immediate drainage and you need to be started on antibiotics (PO or IV or both). Call your surgeon ASAP. 

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The symptoms that you describe sound like a seroma or fluid collection under your skin.  You should talk with your surgeon and a place a drain placement to have the fluid removed.  This can be done in the office or at a radiology center.  It is not a big procedure, but it will help you heal faster.


Good Luck.

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