Tummy Scar Tissue From Surgeries?

I've had 6 surgeries on my stomach, one across my side to remove an adrenal gland, three from just under my ribs down to just under my belly button and 2 to the right where I had an ostomy.I fear that I have lots of scar tissue from these procedures I have already been informed that my right ovary is blocked due to the scar tissue,no Dr in my area will go in to unblock it.Is there any way to get rid of all the scar tissue?I feel that it is the reason I don't lose weight or inches in that area.

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Tummy tuck surgery risks

Tummy tuck surgery is usually suprafascial and wont interfere with the previous scar tissue.  The real question is whether the blood supply is impaired. Ask your surgeon about risks of:

  1. Rectus diastasis
  2. Hernia
  3. Contour irregularities
  4. Skin flap perfusion

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