Tummy Still Hard 6 Weeks After Tummy Tuck: Will It Soften Up?

I had full muscle plication with mini tt. Anyone who feels that isn't possible is incorrect. He either went up through belly button or down through breast aug. incision with scope. My tummy is very hard down the entire center and still sore in some areas too.

but my ?is: by 6 weeks after tt should my stomach still feel that hard? When I run my fingers horizontally across my tummy it feels normal everywhere except down the entire midline. Will this soften with time and if so, how long? Thanks!!

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Firm skin after tummy tuck

It sounds like you are feeling this fimness in the surgical areas (he undermined the skin along the midline to tighten the muscles).  Six weeks is truly just a blink of the eye in the post-surgical phase.  I would expect the area to soften more the further out you are from surgery, with softness matching the non-surgical areas closer to 6-8 months.

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