Why is my Tummy STILL Not Flat After 2 Surgeries? Re-Do?

I had a full tummy tuck in Oct of 2009. Because I contracted MRSA and had to be reopened I got a scar revision in May 2010, along with some smart lipo of my lower abdomen, hips and flanks. My tummy is still not flat and I feel that my abdomen is boxy. Do I need a redo or are my expectations too high?

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Patient Unsatisfaction with Tummy Tuck

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The BEST Tummy Tuck results are seen in women who are close to their ideal weight and have no medical issues. From your photograph it is clear than you had a BMI of 30 ("obese") or higher before the surgery. Obesity is associated with a higher complication rate, including infection. I agree your result is not a great one but is one seen when we operate on people who are not great Tummy Tuck candidates. I do think your expectations were unrealistic. But - it does not need to end like this. Now that you have lost your pooch and are flatter, you should take this opportunity to exercise and lose ALL excess weight. This will result in some skin hanging but also would give a Plastic surgeon the opportunity of truly contouring you, evening the transverse incision and giving you the tummy you always wanted. Dr. Aldea

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Your expectations are too high at your weight

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You need to lose weight if you ever want to have a great abdomen.  It is clear that you weren't an optimal candidate before surgery.  Patients need to take ownership of their bodies and get themselves in the best shape before surgery IF they expect great results.

Why is my Tummy STILL Not Flat After 2 Surgeries? Re-Do

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Thank you for submitting your question.  You may be early in your recovery from your revision.  Final results from revision surgery take 6-12 months.  Discuss your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon.

Tummy Not Flat

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To achieve optimal results, patient selection is important. Without losing additional weight, you will not get the result that you want. Adjust your expectations and work with your surgeon for optimal results.

Tummy tuck

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An abdominoplasty will not, by itself, always get your abdomen as flat as you may want.  You may consider liposuction as well at a second setting.  The goal of an abdominoplasty is to tighten the abdominal muscles and remove the excess skin of the abdomen.  If there is additional fat, then it will be there after the surgery.

Abdominoplasty, revision plastic surgery, tummy tuck

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It is always difficult after an infection an revision to get great results.  The tissues are often more difficult to work with.  they can remainsollen and firm for several months after an infection and multiple surgeries.  I find it usefule to give the body several months to recover before trying any other procedure.

A tummy tuck only treats skin, SUBCUTANEOUS fat, muscle and not the skeleton, back, hips or intra-abdominal fat

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You do have some fullness on the left but I do believe your expectations are two high. A box is 3 dimensional and a flat belly is 2 dimensional. That means that you need to lose weight circumferentially )hips, back) and well as intra-abdominally in order to obtain your best result. And even in the most optimum circumstances a tummy tuck will not treat your skeleton; so if you have prominent ribs and hip bones, they will stay prominent.

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