Bulge After Tummy Tuck

i had a tummy tuck 8 weeks ago and i have a bulge on top of my scar my doctor said it was fat that moved down into that area that losing about 6 pounds would fix it. i was not overwieght at the time of my tummy tuck i jus had stretch marks from my pregnancies. I am very worried because i thought the tummy tuck would leave my belly flat.

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Tummy tuck healing revision

After a tummy tuck, the lymph channels are disconnected where the scar is. Sometimes, because of this esp in the early healing phase, you may see swelling or a "bulge" just above the scar and between it and the belly button. I suggest putting paper tape over this area which may help or it may reduce in size with time. Otherwise, if it is still there 9months after surgery, I do a little liposuction without charge on my patients and this usually takes care of the problem. Watch my video.

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Fullness above tummy tuck scar

This can be due to fat that was located above your belly button prior to surgery or to fat that has poor blood supply and is fibrotic. Give it 4-6 months, if it persists consider liposuction.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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