5 Weeks Post Tumescent Liposuction of Hips and Flanks: Just Now Feeling Pain

Also had full TT. I did not have much pain from the lipo until today. My hips and lower back (sides) are really sore almost like a muscle soreness. Is this from the lipo and just showing up now? Also, My PS remove 1400 cc's with the lipo. Is that pretty conservative?

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Tumescent Lipo

To remove 1400cc is not conservative.  That is a very good number and pain/swelling is likely due to increased activity as you feel better. The compression garment is still important.

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Delayed pain from liposuction

Delayed pain is not as common as soreness in the first couple of weeks that gradually lessens.  See your surgeon for a physical examination and evaluation to be sure there is no infection. It is not that usual, though, for an infection to be generalized and on both sides.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Pain 5 weeks post liposuction

Dear Cantwait77,

Pain that appears 5 weeks after liposuction makes me very suspicious of an infection in the deeper tissues.  I usually see these types of infections in surgeries that are near the glutteal area(butt).  Usually the infections are due to  glutteal augmentation and or posterior glutteal liposuction.  The pain in these situations isn't severe but it is present and constant.  No superficial signs of infection  are seen which makes the diagnosis specially difficult.  The pain might also be a manifestation of muscle soreness due to elective use of muscle groups for ambulation(walking) and getting in and out of a chair or bed.  This is the more likely cause.  Due to your abdominoplasty(TT) you are not using your abdominal muscles to assist you in walking and/or getting up and about.  So you use other muscles to assist you in these movements and they may become sore.  My main recommendation to you is that you follow up with your surgeon.  

Ernesto Hayn, MD
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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