Tumescent Liposculpture for Prominent Cheeks?

I am a 26 year old thin/skinny male with prominent cheeks - projection is concentrated in what I would call the "mid-face". Whilst generally considered a sign of youth, the projection here is a somewhat overdone and significantly softens/feminizes the appearance. I was wondering whether a light-handed Tumescent Liposculpture procedure would help? I believe a buccal fat pad removal would not be of benefit given there is little excess mass in the lower third of the cheek. My parents are in their early 50's and both have quite large cheeks so I am less worried about wasting.

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Would be careful with traditional liposuction in this area

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Traditional tumescent liposuction in the cheeks has been generally avoided due to complications (lumpiness, irregularities, facial nerve palsies), but we have had some recent success using the Accusculpt laser and very small liposuction cannulas in the face to perform gentle aspiration of the liquified fat. You might look for a surgeon experoenced in this technique in your area.

No liposuction on upper two third of the face

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Do not let any plastic surgeon or dermatologic surgeon talk you into doing tumescent liposuction on upper 2/3 of the face. It will be difficult to maintain symmetry, not to mention nontrivial risk of facial nerve damage. You are better off working with a board-certified aesthetic dermatologist or a plastic surgeon and consider filler augmentation or fat transfer around the cheek prominence to bring about a smooth transition along facial contours.

Tumescent liposuction for the cheeks

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There are many solutions to fix your concerns. Your best bet is to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is very experienced in liposuction, fat grafting, facelifts, and cheek augmentation or reduction. They will be able to assess you and determine what procedure or combination of procedures may help your concerns. Let this section alone is typically not recommended to remove volume from the cheeks.

Liposuction risks nerve injury in the cheek

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The facial nerve branches which control your smile and mouth are likely to be injured by liposuction in the cheek area.

The fullness of the cheek is partially caused by a structure called the buccal fat pad beneath the cheek skin.

This fat pad may be partially removed through a small incision hidden in the mouth. This operation is called a buccal fat pad resection and wil make the cheek appear more 'hollow".

This is the appropriate procedure for the cheek fullness that you are concerned about.

Find an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who has done this procedure before.

Be cautious with liposuction in face.

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I would agree with Dr. Hankins when it comes to the use of tumescent liposculpture in the face. It has to be performed conservatively and with very small cannulas. I am not personally aware of the Accusculpt device so I have no comment here.

Liposuction for prominent upper cheeks

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I would recommend an evaluation by a board certified facial plastic surgeon as to the cause of the enlarged cheeks. Perhaps an MRI would be appropriate. As this is an unusual presentation an accurate diagnosis prior to any intervention is best.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist

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