Tumescent Laser Assisted Lipo - What's Normal To Expect For Healing?

It is day 3 after my procedure and my incision sites are starting to heal over. I am not draining anymore and the incision sites are itching. What can I do to reduce the itching? Also, is it normal to be sweating all of a sudden? I'm guessing it's my body's way of flushing itself (no fever) but was curious.

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Itching of incisions

At three days after a procedure some itching may be due to the ehaling process at the closure.  Speak withyour surgeon about his preference for incision care.

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Normal Healing after Liposuction

As you may have heard, "itching is a sign of healing." That is true to a degree. It should not be extreme and there should be no rash, just a little pinkness to the edges of the "incision sites."

We and many others recommend applying Aquaphor Healing Ointment to the sites for the next few weeks to lessing itching and improve healing.

T. Wayne Day, MD
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