Results from Medium TCA Peel?

I'm only 21 and I recently had done a 35% TCA Peel, and I love the results on my face its had! How long can I expect my face to look great like it does after a chemical peel?

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TCA peel results should last a few years

Sounds like you got a great result. Now the idea is to maintain it. Here are my hints-1. Take a baseline picture, this is how you look like today, and the aim is to maintain it. 2. Follow the hints and instructions of basic skin care from your specialist. 3. Maintain with treatments such as Clear and Brilliant every 4-5 months or low strength TCA peels (10%) every 2-3 months. 4. Add a nightly skin care regime- AHAs, Vitamin A etc... that is suited to YOUR skin type. All the best, and great to know you got good results, safely. Dr Davin Lim, Brisbane, Australia. 

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TCA Peel and Results

The results should be maintained by lasers or a few peels a year.  I suggest following treatment with fraxel or clear + brilliant with microneedling/PRP.  An alternative is fractional RF treatments like viva or intensif.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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