Ptosis & Eyebrow Transplant? (Photo)

So my Ptosis has never really bothered me. I'm interested in getting an Eyebrow Transplant though. I'm not asking what surgerys to do, but should I get the Ptosis Surgery done as well? What would result in a better Cosmetic outcome/result? Need some advice. I'm stuck! Also, Is it safe to do the Transplant, having Ptosis?

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Hi Anou88,Thanks for your question and photos. Based on your pictures, I can appreciate a small amount of ptosis. Correcting this would result in slightly more widely open eyes. I can also see that you have very lightly colored but otherwise normal eyebrows. Make sure that if you decide to proceed with the eyebrow transplant that you have it done by someone with signficant experience. Hope this helps, good luck!

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