Liposuction/software tissue.

Help please let me know if I'm over thinking. I had liposuction done 7 weeks ago on my stomach. I noticed I have either swelling or a mass on my stomach. I talked with my doctor and beg for him to do a ct scan. My brother died of soft tissue sarcoma and this is my biggest fear. The CT scan came back normal, however my ct report I have soft tissue due to my liposuction. Should I be worried?

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Liposuction takes time

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I am so sorry for your loss. I can certainly understand your concern in this situation but I would like to

encourage you to return to the doctor who performed the liposuction and discuss this issue thoroughly.

The most likely case is you have some fluid from the liposuction that has collected in a small area and

this can sometimes harden in the months after the procedure. If this is the case, it would be expected

to dissipate over the next few months. Liposuction can cause transient irregularities in the area for up

to 6 months after the procedure but after this period of recovery, the area would be expected to

improve significantly.

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Liposuction - worried about sarcoma

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Thank you for asking about  your liposuction.

  • I am so very sorry that your brother died from a sarcoma. That is a terrible loss.
  • A CT scan 7 weeks after liposuction will show an area of swelling.
  • Please discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon to confirm that this is the swelling that was seen.
  • If you need further reassurance, your surgeon can put you in touch with the radiologist or can call the radiologist to be sure that there is nothing to worry about.
  • You will be swollen from liposuction for at least 6 months but it should be slowly improving.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes, Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD

Liposuction, swelling, fluid collection, seroma, mass like, ct scan

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Thank you for the query. After liposuction sometimes collection of fluid (seroma), blood (hematoma), infection, contour abnormalities   or soft tissue swelling at sites may present as lumps and bumps. A ct scan has been done in your case and did not show anything to be unduly worried about. However you need to be seen and followed up by you surgeon to rule out any problems developing. 

Best wishes+

Alexander George, MCh
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Yikes? Or not

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Hi Coke

I totally understand your angst in light of your experience with your brother.  You need to understand that lipo is a very invasive procedure despite small visible incisions.  The tissues will have swelling, inflammation, changes, etc., for a very long time- maybe sometimes longer than a year.

If the CT is normal, and your doctor is encourage you that things are fine, your findings are consistent with post op changes.

I would also mention that lumps and bumps after lipo is normal for several months after surgery.



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