1 week after Asian double eyelid surgery, does it seem like my left eye is uneven? (photos)

It has only been 1 week since I've had my stitches taken out from my Asian double eyelid surgery. Ever since I've had stitches put on, I've noticed that my left eye seems to taper off with multiple creases at the inner corner. Now that it's healing, it's starting to look weird. Do you think I may need to have surgery done again to make it look like my right eye? I know my right eye is still swollen but the incision seems to crease along just beautifully. Let me know what I should do. Thanks.

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Crease shape after Asian eyelid surgery

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It's certainly early in your healing process but most likely what you'll find is that the shape and height of the crease will continue to relax and become more natural.  Give it a good 6-9 months before assessing the final result.  Follow up with your surgeon closely but odds are you will do well.

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